As a young man growing up in Raleigh I can remember wanting to be a business owner. Being raised in a single family home in the Walnut Terrace Projects, we had a small community grocery store (Kojack's), were the owner and his wife enjoyed serving the community. I went to Kojack's every morning before school to purchase candy to sale to the other students; so I have always had the entrepreneur/businessman spirit.


Now I have my own family and business. When I see people try our creations for the first time, the reactions are worth the sacrifices made.


KPKandies started in 2003 when I decided I wanted something new as a snack. Not wanting the traditional candy bar or snack cake I decided to create a snack. My daughter and I went to the store, and she told me she wanted S'mores. As I raided the store shelves for the ingredients "Chef Fred" kicked in. I grabbed a few more ingredients, and the Smorz Krunch was born. I made over 600 samples and gave them away to anyone who wanted to try them along with a feedback card. Out of 600 samples, only ten people did not like the Smorz Krunch I knew I had a great product. I went back to those ten individuals with a different product without marshmallow, and the Graham Cracker Delite was created.