Something NEW?

Photos by Chef Frederick C. Privette


With any start up company you must do your market research. In 2003 we ran across an article on the internet titled “ Something New”. Two paragraphs stood out.These articles gave us validation the we were on the correct path. A survey was taken and one respondent was quoted saying “ One of the most glaring weaknesses in the candy industry is a general lack of new, innovative products over the last couple of years”. Which is where we came up with the Salesmark “ Our Sweetness Is Your Weakness”.

Another quote that gave us more confidence to move forward came from Buyer Gary Neuman, Pharmhouse Inc., New York, NY and a Professional Candy Buyer 1994 Buyer of the Year, Outstanding Achievement Award winner. “ There really hasn’t been anybody out there aggressively going after flavors or styles or anything that has gotten the market going. A lot of the new stuff is just repackaging the same thing.” ( source Professional Candy Buyer-NOV/DEC 95-MASS MERCHANDISER’ Mass Appeal;

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